We need conservative, principled Lee leadership in the U.S. Senate


Mike Lee is a fierce defender of the people and the state of Utah.

(Leah Hogsten | The Salt Lake Tribune) Senator Mike Lee waves to the crowd following a debate at Utah Valley University, Oct. 17, 2022, ahead of the November midterm elections.

Our country needs competent, principled leadership to hold this current administration accountable and advance a conservative agenda. No one can do this better for Utah than my friend and colleague, Senator Mike Lee.

I know Mike and have worked with him since he welcomed me to the Senate in 2014. I have learned that he is a fierce defender of his state, ensuring that Utah’s needs and prospects are taken care of. into account.

As Mike and I sit on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee together, he taught me about Utah’s unique issues, such as its federal parks, natural resources, how much land the federal government owns in Utah and the tax revenue that Utah loses. because of that. We worked together to push the Biden administration to use American natural resources to reduce the cost of gas and utilities for the Utah and Louisiana families we represent.

With Mike Lee and a Republican majority in the Senate, we can deal with these issues more effectively.

Now is the time we need leaders who bring people together and deliver results.

In May of this year, 40% of the US infant formula supply was out of stock due to the CDC shutting down a major manufacturing plant and months of inaction by the Biden administration. . While the White House worked to avoid blame, Mike worked on a solution. He asked me to join him in presenting his FORMULA Act. His legislation aimed to cut red tape in order to increase access to imported infant formula for parents desperate to feed their children. Through hard work, he led a coalition to push his legislation through the Senate.

Mike Lee is a lawyer and a friend. We have sometimes disagreed, but I have never questioned his commitment to those he represents. He is always clear on his principles and will stand up for what he and the people of Utah believe in.

We will need that belief when Democrats push their legislation again to legalize abortion up to the time of birth. Senator Lee is as pro-life as they come. No one can wonder where it is. As so many times before, his vote will make the difference.

We need Mike in the Senate. He has the vision and dedication to improve the lives of every Utah and every American family. There is no better advocate for the people of Utah to elect in November than Senator Mike Lee.

Bill Cassidy, MD, represents Louisiana in the United States Senate.


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