TV series based on the legend of Mel’s Hole in central Washington?


If you live in Washington or anywhere in the Pacific Northwest, chances are you’ve heard the story of Mel’s Hole. Or maybe you remember the story when it was told at Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM.

In the 90s, a man called into the Bell program claimed to have a supernatural hole on his property. Over time, people became suspicious of his findings. He had claimed that animals died on the property and were pushed down the hole only to come back to life the next day, wandering onto his land.

He claimed that supernatural events had started happening on his lands and he felt something horrible was brewing. Years passed and soon so did the story until over the past two years people started talking about the story again. Now, it may have been made into an Amazon Prime Original TV series called Outer Range.

The show, with serious Yellowstone but paranormal vibes, is set on a Western-style ranch that looks a bit like Ellensburg. In this story, the main character played by Josh Brolin notices strange happenings after a drifter asks to camp on his property claiming something lured her to his ranch.

Over time, the wanderer comes across sculptures and symbols that she has seen all her life but has yet to find anywhere else. At one point, Josh Brolin’s character stumbles upon the hole and believes it’s wrong and something horrible is on the way. Remember now that this show is a fiction but that the story joins that of Mel’s Hole letting us believe that it can be its only true source of inspiration.

Outer Range has been renewed for a second season.

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Watch the trailer for yourself, then watch the show and let us know what you think, did Hollywood adapt an urban legend from Washington or was it a weird coincidence?

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