The Ocean View Deck in Newport is Huge, Haunted, and for Sale

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It is one of the largest mansions in Newport, Rhode Island and has one of the most incredible stories. Now Seaview Terrace – aka the Carey Mansion – is on the market for $ 29.9 million.

Historic Seaview Terrace sits on eight acres of waterfront property along the Newport Cliff Walk and its nearly 43,000 square feet of living space is so large it takes up two addresses. Located at 197-207 Ruggles Avenue in Newport, this one-of-a-kind mansion listed by Aryn Hawks of Hawks and Company Edge Realty RI, LLC is a renovator’s dream.

Yes, the house is in need of repairs and updating, but the bones of this place and its insane legacy would make any millionaire want to own it. It’s not every day that a house is featured on Believe it or not from Ripley is on sale.

Seaview Terrace is full of things to believe and not, like how it even became in Newport. Originally, much of this French Renaissance-style chateau was built in 1907 on Dupont Circle in Washington DC with many rooms shipped to DC from France. The house was then completely dismantled again and moved to Newport in 1923, taking nearly two years and $ 2 million to accomplish.

In Washington DC, this house occupied almost half a block; in Newport, it was only the fifth largest mansion in the area. When all was said and done in 1925, Seaview Terrace had over 60 rooms including 29 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms, a Gothic chapel, a ballroom, an art gallery, a 500-seat theater and possibly most famous, a whispering room. The latter was an elliptical shaped piece designed so that a person at one end of the ellipse could hear a simple whisper from the other end. Sounds good for eavesdropping at parties.

The 1920s glitz and glamor of this huge mansion, however, was short-lived. By 1929 owner Edson Bradley’s wife Julia had passed away and he spent only five more summers at Seaview before he died in 1935. The house went to the couple’s daughter, but in 1941 she left. because of back taxes, and the city sold it. in 1949 for only $ 8,000.

The house spent years as several girls’ boarding schools and was used in the daytime soap opera Dark shadows like the fictional Collinwood mansion before returning to the market in 1974. This time it was sold to the Careys, a New York couple who loved architecture and wanted to renovate. Their daughter, herself an architect, still lives on the property, but not in the main house.

It is clear from the photos below that Seaview Terrace is in need of a facelift again. Hope someone who loves history buys this amazing property and gives it the attention it truly deserves.

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