The City of Marquette is finalizing its shoreline restoration project


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – Work to protect part of the shoreline of Lake Marquette has been completed. The town of Marquette unveiled a finished coastal area Thursday afternoon.

The coastal restoration project is located at the intersection of Pine Street and Lakeshore Boulevard. The area acts as a natural floodgate to mitigate possible flooding on the road. The city’s director of community development, Dennis Stachewicz, said the project is just part of a decade-long effort.

“It’s the culmination of a lot of community planning going back to about 2012. Where we started planning for the relocation of all of Lakeshore Boulevard and the resilience of the shoreline and the coast and all of that,” Stachewicz said. .

A Michigan Coastal Zone Management grant made this restoration project possible. Stachewicz said the city received a $200,000 grant and the Lake Superior Watershed Partnership helped the city match that amount. The project uses natural resources and Stachewicz said there are many benefits to this.

“We are responsible to nature and natural systems. We take a shoreline that may have been modified by man into some kind of hard infrastructure and return it to its natural characteristics,” he said.

Many organizations from the Watershed Partnership to NOAA contributed. Stachewicz says the final product also offers benefits to the general public.

“We are very happy that the project has been completed. Now the public can come and see what a natural shoreline looks like that they can actually use. It is part of the public trust,” he said.

Stachewicz said this completed project helps the city achieve its primary goal of having public access to the Lake Superior shoreline.


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