Positive signs seen in China-Australia ties


China and Australia pledged on Tuesday to properly address each other’s concerns and make steady efforts to improve relations as positive signs emerged in improving bilateral relations.

In a phone call with State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong said Australia stands ready to properly address practical issues between the two countries in a responsible and responsible manner. to make constant efforts to improve and strengthen its relations with China.

As a strong relationship between Australia and China is not at odds with safeguarding each other’s national interests, she said Canberra has no intention of amplifying existing differences.

Bilateral relations have been strained over various issues concerning trade disputes, human rights and geopolitics, with some Australian political forces viewing China as a rival, not a partner.

While pledging a continued commitment to the one-China policy, the Australian foreign minister said Canberra was ready to develop more stable and mutually beneficial relations with Beijing based on mutual respect.

Positive changes have taken place in bilateral relations through tireless efforts, Wong said, adding that the two countries have maintained effective communication and engagement in recent times.

Signs of renewed bilateral relations have emerged since the new Australian government took office in May. Prior to the call, the two foreign ministers met in person in July and September. The defense ministers of the two countries also held talks.

Wang called on the two countries to rebuild mutual trust, gradually address each other’s legitimate concerns to put relations back on track and make positive contributions to tackling current global challenges.

Noting that the two sides’ common interests far outweigh their differences, Wang said the relaxation and improvement of China-Australia relations is in line with the core interests of the two countries and meets the common expectations of the two peoples. and the international community.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Australia. The positive progress in bilateral relations is encouraging, Chinese Consul General in Brisbane Ruan Zongze said in an article published in The Global Times, adding that the important consensus reached during the high-level exchanges is of great significance for the next phase of the development of bilateral relations. ties.

Ruan said the experience of history is that the two countries will both win from cooperation and lose from confrontation.

Lin Duo, a research fellow at the Department of Asia-Pacific Studies at the China Institute of International Studies, urged Australia to shed the Cold War mentality, abandon confrontational postures against China and stop misinterpreting the rise of China as so-called threats.

“Instead of jumping on Washington’s bandwagon of containing Beijing, Canberra should work out an independent and coherent China policy as soon as possible to restore bilateral relations,” Lin said.


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