Obi Ndigbo Debunks Malicious Online Post Against Eze Ihenetu


The Eze Udo Igbo Ghana Palace refuted malicious online posts targeting Eze Ndigbo Ghana, HRM Eze Dr. Jude Ihenetu, where it was alleged that he was involved in the arrest of certain Igbo men who allegedly held an IPOB meeting in Ghana.

In a statement signed by Media / Project Director Obi Eziokwu Igbo Palace, Ghana, Rev. Tony Chinoyerem White, it is said enemies of the palace were behind disinformation.

In a press release titled, Re: False, Malicious and Unverifiable statements made by a comrade Alfred and Sunny on Facebook, it is said: Although many comments went on the issue of false information put on facebook by a comrade Alfred and Sunny aimed to tarnish the good name and image of Eze Ndigbo Ghana, on behalf of His Majesty, Eze Dr. Amb. Chukwudi jude Ihenetu, we categorically demystify such statements as having no iota of truth, but rather as a division plan to refocus our agendas for continually raising the Igbo agenda in Ghana with the fundamental value of promoting Igbo values ​​and culture as a recognized tradition rule.

“For the last nine years as Eze Ndigbo Ghana, Eze Ohazurume worked to strengthen the relationship Between the Igbo and our host country Ghana and at the same time defend all Igbo man in all areas in Ghana.

“Recently Eze Chukwudi Ihenetu’s intervention leads to liberation of 541 Nigerians, mostly Igbo. They were fed and given money For transport back home.

” He travelled in many regions here in Ghana to bring our people more particularly the Igbo closer to their host country, Ghana, all at his own expense.

“It is recorded that he played a vital role in ending more than 25 years of trade disputes Between Nigerian traders and Ghanaian union. If he has gone this far to help his people, the Igbo, how will he be the same person? at the origin of their arrest? “

The statement added: We strongly rejected these allegations as false. The enemies of His Majesty and Ndigbo Ghana is the one diffusion this rumor to smear his name and cause misunderstandings between him and the good people from the Igbo community in Ghana.

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