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Another horrible massacre of children. No more wacky thoughts and prayers offered by stupid politicians: yada, yada, yada. Eleven more massacres in one weekend. And we continue. They too continue, these politicians, courting and accepting big bucks from the arms lobby.

These same people, including Senators Burr and Tillis, speak with forked tongues about the sanctity of life. It’s right there with their hypocritical condolences for the loss of so many innocent lives. Ted Budd owns gun business, openly displays gun. If elected, so much for North Carolina’s claims to uphold the sanctity of life. BS, every piece.

That’s not who we are, the Democrats naively plead, hoping to appeal to our best angels. Oh, but that’s exactly who we are. More guns than people in this country, military-grade weapons meant to kill as many people as possible by the deadliest means are readily available. Now those who fear firearms arm themselves in the name of self-defense. This year alone, we average nearly two massacres every day. Where does it stop?

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We are a violent people, free to own almost any type of firearm under the dishwater regulations of those who focus on power and the political bribes of the gun lobby fire. We are in danger in churches, nightclubs, grocery stores and schools. Think about it, a bunch of twisted, mangled children drenched in their own blood among brightly decorated desks, puppets, worksheets and bulletin boards.

The availability of semi-automatic weapons may not be the only factor, but by God it is a good place to start. I say Senators Tillis, Burr and the rest of their party have the blood of those children on their hands. Ted Budd is another with an additional self-interest at stake. Does anyone think he would vote against that interest?

It’s time to stop wringing your hands. It is time to make our voice heard at the ballot box, in the streets and from the pulpits. What are we waiting for? Someone in this community to open fire with an AR-15 in our church, grocery store or school?

Sanctity of life? Empty words from those who allow people to die without health care, to go hungry and homeless, to be slaughtered by weapons meant only for war. Yada, yada, yada, and the slaughter continues. Look in the mirror. What do you appreciate the most? Remember that in November.


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