Leap Launches Educational Homeownership Video Series


Four-part video series aims to empower historically underserved communities

LOS ANGELES, August 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Leap Analytics Inc. (Leap), a fintech real estate investment company whose mission is to empower underserved communities to help close the wealth gap, today announced the launch of his four-part educational series designed to demystify the financial process of home ownership. The first video educates potential homeowners on key considerations for the overall home buying process.

“While research suggests that people of color will drive homeownership growth over the next two decades, these communities have historically been marginalized in the buying process,” said Ashley Bete, founder and CEO of Leap. “This incredible opportunity to mitigate generations of prejudice and systemic racism through wealth creation may be hampered by the lack of experience many homeowners and potential homeowners have with the nuances, details and potential complications of homeownership processes. to property and borrowing.”

The introductory segment, posted on the company’s site, explores the benefits of owning a home and financial considerations, including:

  • Credit check and improvement

  • Understand the different mortgage options

  • Find a real estate agent

  • Make an offer

  • Scheduling of inspections and closure

The remaining three episodes include:

  • The Importance of Credit Scores – An in-depth discussion of credit scores, the anatomy of a credit score, and ways to maintain and improve your credit in preparation for buying a home

  • Navigating the Mortgage Process – A detailed overview of the different types of mortgages, including the benefits and risks of each type of mortgage

  • Homeownership – Discussion of the optimal ways to pay a mortgage and maintain and increase home value

Bete added, “Rising interest rates have eroded the purchasing power of some potential homeowners. Therefore, it is critical that underserved communities understand their financial opportunities and costs when it comes to personal finance and housing. real estate, so that they can improve their financial well-being, increase their economic power, and ultimately achieve their vision of the American dream.”

About Leap

Leap Analytics, Inc. is a fintech real estate investment company whose mission is to leverage innovative technologies and institutional real estate expertise to empower underserved communities, transform the real estate finance market, and help fill the gaps in housing and wealth in the United States. The company offers purpose-built Home Equity Agreements (HEAs) and housing-related training to improve financial literacy and homeowner well-being. Leap uses state-of-the-art technology to remove bias from the HEA application process and speed up applications. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

Please visit www.Leaphea.com for more information on Leap HEAs and educational resources regarding the mortgage industry and homeownership. Follow Leap on social networks: LinkedIn, TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

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