KY and IN’s biggest unsolved mysteries


I’ll tell you a little secret. It’s not earth-shattering, and it’s not an outrageous revelation, but Unsolved Mysteries freaked me out…but in a good way.

There was nothing quite like hearing the unmistakable tips of the late Robert Stack describe a scenario for which there was no solution. Even if the story itself wasn’t particularly disturbing, he could make it sound that way. And the show got a lot of hits, so it should never be dismissed as just a good way to kill an hour.

I don’t know if the following stories ever made it to Stack’s desk, but by multiple accounts, these are the biggest unsolved mysteries in their respective states’ stories. Yes, it’s debatable, but these incidents still have no explanation.


Look, in the sky, it’s a bird… no wait, it’s a plane. No, no, no, it’s a… it’s a… CHUCK ROAST?!? Forget the biblical plagues; who needs toads and locusts? Give me something I can mark on my shopping list. Yes, that’s the legendary Kentucky meat shower of 1876.

To date, there has never been an official explanation for what happened on that March day in Bath County, but speculation abounds. Give a scientist a meat shower, and he’ll give you a theory… like this one from Joe Walston of the Wildlife Conservation Society:

When vultures are frightened, they must take off quickly. This proves especially difficult after they have just filled up with rotting animal flesh. As the meat turns out to be heavy, they vomit to lighten the load. It’s not uncommon for them to do this on the wing, sending rotten flesh raining down on land. Meat samples still available from the event support this theory, although the source of the meat has yet to be identified.

Speaking of samples, this one is supposedly from that infamous meat shower:

So yes, that’s pretty rude, but that’s not all. Wait to hear the eyewitness description of the sound he made when he landed.


I guess every legend needs an official name that will grab attention. Sure, the 1876 Kentucky Meat Shower does the trick. (Yes, I added capitals this time). But in my opinion, the 28 Fires of Odon packs more of a punch.

At first you might think of “the sequel to Thor” or, at the very least, an episode of american horror story which will invariably collapse in the end. In fact, more and more imperfect AHS could USE a good story like 1941 Indiana that ticks the necessary boxes – repeated, mysterious fires in the same house and the belief that it was the work of poltergeists. Somebody call a good screenwriter and make it happen.

Seriously though, the Odon IN house owned by William Sackler has been plagued by 28 fires all of which happened on the same day. Particularly troubling for Sackler – in terms of determining a cause – was that the house had not been wired for electricity. Ever since the first fire broke out inside a wall, that’s what everyone would think. Another fire broke out inside a mattress while another, still, apparently burned a book from the inside. tells us that some theories were quickly dismissed:

Officials were baffled and offered weak “solutions” such as rogue magnetic fields, gas seeping from an unused well, and pranks by Hackler’s children.

After the house was torn down and a new one built, it never happened again and remains, yes, a HUGE unsolved Indiana mystery.

As far as I’m concerned, we have our answer regarding the Kentucky meat shower. And the meat sample that was allegedly saved from the incident confirms this. But the fires of Odon are a real headache. And considering the fact that they never happened again, we’ll probably NEVER know why 28 fires tore through an Indiana home in one day.

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