Identification of Technologies and Procedures for Upcoming RES Operating Aid Auctions – Commentary


Procedure categories
Auction Details
Participation of EEA factories


On December 23, 2021, the Department of Environment and Energy issued Decision No. 123726/5096(1), which determined:

  • the technologies and/or categories of renewable energy sources (RES) and high-efficiency combined heat and power plants eligible to apply for operational support through competitive auction procedures;
  • whether these competitive auction procedures should be technologically neutral; and
  • the methodology and procedures for calculating the capacities of power plants authorized to participate in these competitive auction procedures and originating from the European Economic Area (EEA) as cross-border projects.

Procedure categories

The decision divides all types of proceedings into two categories:

  • separate auctions for each technology; and
  • joint auctions or technology-neutral auctions – this means that different RES technologies can participate in the same auction.

Within the second category, the decision recognizes three types of procedure:

  • general joint auctions, in which participation can be authorized for at least two different technologies;
  • joint auctions in certain areas, which will be designed territorially; and
  • joint auctions for RES plants with storage, which will be designed for solar and wind power plants with storage.

Auction Details

Auctions will be organized for the following categories of plants:

  • wind:
    • above six megawatts;
    • from 60 kilowatts to six megawatts; and
    • above 10 megawatts with storage;
  • solar:
    • above one megawatt;
    • less than 500 kilowatts;
    • from 500 kilowatts to one megawatt; and
    • above 10 megawatts with storage; and
  • certain categories of power plants owned by energy communities.

Other technologies may be added in the event of increased competition.

In 2022, separate auctions for each technology will be organized for small wind (up to six megawatts) and solar (up to one megawatt).

Joint auctions in certain areas may be held after the connection of the following Non-Interconnected Islands (NII) (i.e. islands which are not connected to the Hellenic Interconnected Power Grid (the System):

  • Nea Makri – Polypotamos with Evia;
  • Cyclades with the System; and or
  • Crete with Attica.

Joint auctions for RES power plants with storage will be organized before 31 December 2025 for wind and photovoltaic power plants with maximum production capacities greater than 10 megawatts and with integrated electricity storage with a guaranteed (useful) capacity equal to 20 % of the maximum hourly energy produced.

Participation of EEA factories

The Decision also regulates the methodology and procedures for calculating the cross-border capacities of RES plants which are installed in the EEA and which are allowed to participate in the above-mentioned auctions subject to active cross-border energy trading.

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(1) Official newspaper B’ 6250/27 December 2021.


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