How to give deer meat to feed the hungry

By on October 2, 2021 0

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is finding ways for Hoosier hunters to help feed the hungry during deer hunting season.

All they have to do is drop off dressed deer in the field at a participating processor. Last year, more than 360 slaughtered deer were processed, resulting in over 20,000 pounds of venison.

He is part of the Sportsman Benevolence Fund in the Law Enforcement Division of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, which provides grants to several nonprofit organizations to pay for treatment fees. So when a hunter donates their legally harvested deer and takes it to a participating local processor, the deer meat will be donated to soup kitchens or food banks across the state of Indiana.

“It really is a great way to give back to the needy in Indiana and it’s also great in that we always hear about hunters going out and passing deer because they are waiting for that trophy to come. but if you can take one of these little deer, donate it and relieve the hunger, I think everyone wins, ”said DNR Law Enforcement Division Cpt. Jet Quillen said

To find a participating local processor near you, click here.