Fake Facebook page sponsored by Zenith Bank offering loan asks for users’ account details

  • A fake Zenith Bank Facebook page is offering loans to the public and asking them to enter their debit card details to access the loan
  • Financial and technology experts have slammed the ad as a phishing site set up to trick the unsuspecting public
  • Zenith Bank has not said anything about the ad, but a source said the ad is not from the bank

A fake Facebook ad purporting to be from one of Nigeria’s largest banks, Zenith Bank, is making the rounds on the social networking site.

The fake Facebook page is urging the unsuspecting public to apply for loans ranging from one month to 12 months, Legit.ng research has found.

Fake Zenith Bank advertisement
Source: UGC

In watered-down English, the phishing ad asks users to enter their bank card and account details to access the loan.

What the fake ad says

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A statement from the site reads:

“Zenith Bank is also a leading financial lending company offering quick loans with no collateral or paperwork in Nigeria to customers and non-customers who bank with Zenith.”

The ad goes on to say that it is one of the quick loans offered by Zenith Bank to “provide financial assistance to those in need but, for one reason or another, cannot get regular loans,” it said on the fake Facebook page.

What experts say about the ad

Financial experts contacted by Legit.ng to verify the ad’s authenticity said it was simply a phishing ad aimed at defrauding the public.

Jonathan Igwe, a financial expert, told Legit.ng that the public should be wary of such an offer said to be coming from Zenith Bank.

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Igwe said:

“Look at the language the ad was written in. It is purely a fake Facebook page. A reputable bank like Zenith Bank will use the services of good copywriters to clean up that language on the plinth.”

Justin Osarehmen said such everyday language would not have come from Zenith Bank.

He said:

“Regardless of the language used, the bank will always release such information through its apps and official website, as well as run jingles and advertisements on radio and television.”

There was no official statement from Zenith Bank, but an inside source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because it wasn’t authorized, told Legit.ng that the bank doesn’t advertise its loans in this way.

The source said:

“The bank has several loan programs running, but not this one in particular. We don’t use that type of font and language.”

Chinmark investors are screaming as the company fails to meet its commitments

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Legit.ng has reported that investors in Chinmak Group, an investment company, have been shouting on social media that their investment will go up in flames as the company failed to live up to its commitments.

Taking to social media, investors said they were upset by the company’s silence about its failed plans to pay them their monthly returns as promised by the company.

The Punch reports that about 45,000 aggrieved investors targeted the group’s chairman, Marksman Ijiomah, and the company’s social media influencer and brand ambassador, Amanda Chisom.

Source: Legit.ng


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