Editorial, 6/20: Biden’s ’30×30 plan’ is not a land grab, would be good for Nebraska | Editorial

By on June 20, 2021 0

The North Platte River dominates the valley, offering the perfect view here from the banks of the North Platte River and Riverside Park in Scotts Bluff County.


Journal Star Editorial Board

Gov. Pete Ricketts has taken his show on the road in recent weeks, touring all corners of the state with town halls explicitly opposing President Joe Biden’s suggestion to protect 30% of US waters and lands.

“This fight is now in our own backyard,” Ricketts recently told a crowd at the Clay Center. “We are on the front line. We are in the trenches.

What battle did Nebraska become Ground Zero for? The idea of ​​taking care of natural resources is a positive idea that should transcend artificial political boundaries.

Biden’s proposal – which Ricketts is right on will certainly require more flesh on his rather thin skeleton – is not about violating private property rights. It’s a reminder of the days of a more cooperative America, where people of all ideologies worked for the common good.

In this case, it’s about fighting climate change to create a better future.

The president’s speech is an entirely voluntary plan – which builds on the legacy of conservation efforts already made by farmers and landowners in Nebraska without grabbing an inch of private property – that seeks to achieve a laudable goal despite the being obscured by disinformation.

Starting the conversation, as a federal report last month said the president is trying to do, is a far cry from the top-down, one-off governance we would criticize in this space. Plus, it would require the overbreadth that Ricketts is battling in the first place.

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