Demetris Robertson scores three touchdowns to help Auburn deal with Alabama state | Auburn University sports news

By on September 11, 2021 0

Nix’s second pitch to Robertson took the Tigers’ lead to 27-0 with 12:01 left in the third quarter.

Robertson contributed to the running game in his previous stops at Cal and Georgia, and the Tigers let him work his magic shortly after his second score.

Two plays after Wooden recovered from a fumble, Robertson caught a backhand pitch and fled to his left, where a line of blockers cleared a clear path forward. He took advantage of the assist by passing three would-be tackles en route to a 36-yard rushing touchdown.

Robertson’s last two scores were just the start of a big quarter for the Tigers.

Cornerback Roger McCreary had fun three minutes after Robertson’s rushed touchdown by jumping a screen, intercepting a pass and rushing to the end zone for a 35-yard pick.

After another stalled practice in Alabama State, quarterback TJ Finley helped the cause by shooting towards Malcolm Johnson Jr., who managed the catch and hit the end zone on a reception. touchdown from 49 yards.

Almost two minutes later, first-year running back Jarquez Hunter, the 94-yard rushing rush – the longest touchdown run in Auburn history – gave the Tigers a 55-point lead and delivered the last of 35 points in the third quarter for Auburn.

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