CRED Highlights Convenience Of Paying Credit Card Bills In ’90s Bollywood Style



NEW DELHI: CRED, a trusted community of creditworthy individuals, traders and institutions, has become the official partner of the most anticipated event of the year, the Indian Premier League 2020. CRED has kicked off the journey of This year. More rewarding IPL for all players and viewers with a multitude of activities that would enhance the experience of CRED members. In the same vein, the brand has also launched its latest campaign – “CRED: Not Everyone Gets It” – with three commercials slated for launch during the tournament, and starring Bollywood lead actor Anil Kapoor as well. than other iconic celebrities of the 90s, who promise to entertain and spread CRED’s message.

Through these creative and fun commercials, CRED aims to amplify its message about how easy it is to handle timely credit card payments through the app and to be regularly rewarded for good financial behavior. The campaign kicked off on September 19 with the launch of the first film starring Anil Kapoor. The veteran actor talks about the message of paying credit card bills on time in his unique, inimitable style that has made him a favorite since the ’90s, across generations of audiences, from millennials to their parents. To keep the momentum going, two more films starring other highly regarded Bollywood celebrities will be released over the next month to join the celebration. The campaign is truly a memorable and comedic version of CRED’s message that was fully conceptualized by the internal team and implemented by Ayappa KM, co-founder of Early Man Films, the production agency.

Head of CRED – Growth and Engagement, Trupthi Shetty said: “We are extremely happy to be associated with IPL 2020. At CRED we believe in the reward of good financial behavior and with this campaign we are convinced that our message of encouraging financial literacy and educating viewers about the rewarding benefits of responsible financial behavior would come through in an entertaining way. With Anil Kapoor and others lending their inimitable styles and unique personalities to each video, we are sure audiences would definitely identify with this campaign and our association would have a rewarding start.

Early Man Film executive producer and co-founder Anand Menon said, “It has been a huge challenge for us to turn this production around with the current storyline in mind. But the fact that we got to use these celebrities in a unique and entertaining way to tell the story of CRED made the effort worthwhile. We hope everyone enjoys these movies and that they bring a much needed smile into people’s lives. ”

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