Credits Score

How ‘buy now, pay later’ affects your credit score

by on May 4, 2021 0

Most Australian BNPL users don’t really understand the product they are using. (Photo by SAEED KHAN / AFP via Getty Images). Almost half of all users who buy now, pay later (BNPL) do not understand how these products affect their credit score, with potentially devastating consequences. A new study from the BNPL Openpay service...

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Getting a boat loan: what you need to know

by on April 30, 2021 0

Before you set sail in a new boat, find out about boat loans, so you don’t get lost with a bad loan. (iStock) Setting sail on the water is a dream for many Americans. And in 2020, that dream has become a reality for many new boat captains, with recent powerboat sales increasing 12%...

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Get out of credit card debt

by on April 29, 2021 0

Select’s editorial team works independently to review financial products and write articles that our readers will find useful. We may receive a commission when you click on links to products from our affiliate partners. When you are deeply in debt on your credit card, extremely high interest rates can make it difficult to find...

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