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Neale Richmond, Teachta Dala for Dublin Rathdown, shared a photo on Twitter showing ferry routes to the Irish capital. Accompanying the tweet to his followers, he wrote: “A powerful visual from the Irish development office of the ever-growing state of direct shipping to our largest market, mainland Europe, post-Brexit. More to come. .. “Ireland has been very critical of Britain’s conduct in the ongoing negotiations and its threat continues to trigger Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

It could see the UK tearing up much of the deal on the country’s post-Brexit trade deals, with Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney warning that the EU will react “very strongly”.

But the British were quick to poke fun at Irish politician Mr Richmond over his Twitter post.

Reacting to our initial story, Express reader Beirnecol wrote: ‘The fool doesn’t realize that this makes Irish products more expensive and that we don’t have to endure pollution from their trucks. Win, win for me!

Gordie1234 commented: “Great. Less congestion and pollution on UK roads.

“Irish trade to the EU via the UK was just a nuisance and brought no economic benefit.”

Lord Baz, reader, said: “Great news. Fewer trucks on the road, less pollution.

“The benefits are getting better and better. “ reader Piquetb added: “Great news. Fewer polluting trucks can only be good.”

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Like many of his government colleagues, the Irish Foreign Minister, Mr Coveney, has been very critical of the UK in negotiations with the EU on the implementation of the protocol.

He claimed that Brussels had made significant concessions to Britain, highlighting how the Brussels proposals indicated that customs controls on food products would be reduced by 80%, and a new proposal that would allow the UK to approve and send drugs to the province.

Mr Coveney said: “These are the three key issues that businesses, political leaders and civic leaders on the ground in Northern Ireland wanted to address.

“So, as you would expect, Lord Frost wants more, and the EU is trying to go as far as possible, within the bounds of the protocol to address what are real concerns.”

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UK Brexit Minister Lord Frost also wants the European Court of Justice (ECJ) removed from the protocol in which it would act as a so-called arbiter in future trade disputes between the two sides.

But like the EU, Coveney also ruled out removing this element.

He added: “I don’t think a compromise is possible because it’s a pretty black and white issue.

“What the EU is saying is that the tribunal of the European Court of Justice must be the final arbiter of EU law and regulations.

“I think it goes without saying.”

Later Wednesday Lord Frost will address the 1922 committee of backbenchers as pressure mounts to trigger Article 16 and take decisive action against the EU.

Britain’s Brexit Minister will address Tory MPs following growing unrest within the Tory Party over Boris Johnson’s leadership.

This will be Lord Frost’s first appearance before the 1922 Committee, where he is expected to brief MPs on the state of play of talks with the EU.


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