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If you’ve used Uber before, you know that after a trip you rate your driver. The higher the driver’s score, the more trips and benefits they get. But did you know that the driver must also assess his passengers before receiving other guts? The grades you get as a passenger accumulate and are turned into a score.

This is called a social credit score. The higher your score, the more likely you are to ride faster. The lower your score, the longer it will take to get a driver. Interesting?

Social credit scores are one thing to come.

Social credit scores will be applied on the internet and on your mobile phone by linking your COVID vaccination certificate number to any other data Big Tech already has on you (social security number, credit cards, Facebook account, account Twitter, medical history), etc). This will become your vaccination passport.

It will not be made legally binding by federal governments, according to my two American senators, but some states, New York for example, are already implementing it. You’ll want one for lower interest rates, access to entertainment venues and restaurants, better car rental rates, better airline seats, and more.

Small businesses will be encouraged by larger companies to require your passport (likely seen as a barcode on your phone) and will be offered incentives to require you to show your passport to access their products and services.

You will benefit from all kinds of incentives and discounts to keep your social credit rating high. The higher it is, the more discounts and access you will get.

Your social credit score will be monitored and will rise and fall based on your online activities and most importantly how and opinions you express online. “Incorrect” opinions will lower your score and of course you will receive communications to help you correct your erroneous opinions. If your social credit score gets too low your barcode will be updated and you will be canceled, kicked out of many places, see increased interest rates, not being able to buy certain foods at the grocery store, and join the deplorable. unwashed at Walmart.

Science fiction? Conspiracy theory? Crazy Whacko?

This whole system was deployed in Israel in February, is being deployed in many countries in the European Union, has been in place for several years in China, and if you live in the United States it will soon arrive in a city. . near you.

If you have Netflix, watch a show called Black Mirror Season 3 Episode called NOSEDIVE for an example of living with a vaccine passport.

This is social engineering never seen on such a scale across the world.

Does this sound like a good idea?

Welcome to the brave new world.



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