ATC Launches ATC Fast Data Providing Banks and Credit Unions with Access to State-of-the-Art Titling and Registration Information

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Online sales are exploding and showing no signs of slowing down, and now banks and credit unions can easily access the necessary TT&L data as well as the documentation needed to ensure a title is perfected on time.

Automotive Titling Company (ATC), the original innovator and industry leader in title and registration data for all 50 states (including the District of Columbia) and every tax jurisdiction in the United States, presents a tool information on the title and registration created especially for the titling departments in the financial space.

ATC Fast Data offers bank and credit union titling departments the ability to have all the necessary information they need for an automobile transaction. By using ATC Fast Data, they can reduce the work that took them 4-6 hours of research in seconds.

“Vehicle titling and registration is a complicated process,” said Marcus Alley, vice president, Strategic Initiatives for ATC. “Transactions are even more complicated and time consuming due to the peculiarities and manual work required. The titling departments of credit unions and banks are seeing a large influx due to the increase in direct loans and online car sales. Unfortunately, these tipping departments are not equipped with the right data to properly calculate the Tax, Title and License (TT&L) and have the right documentation to complete the transaction with the DMV.

ATC Fast Data fixes this problem. The platform offers a simple system where securities clerks at banks and credit unions can quickly extract information so they don’t have to spend hours online or on the phone searching for information from DMVs. State which often have very different policies, rules and systems. ATC Fast Data provides the information needed for every jurisdiction across the country so your title team can handle these transactions faster and more efficiently than ever.

ATC Fast Data provides:

  • Collect transaction data to calculate an accurate TT&L based on that specific transaction
  • Transaction information can be automatically populated in every document needed to reduce manual labor
  • Taxes, registration fees, instructions and documents provided instantly after submission of transaction information
  • All transactions hosted in a centralized dashboard, exportable for external or internal use
  • Information needed to obtain a duplicate title

“Online sales are exploding and showing no signs of slowing down,” Alley said. “And now banks and credit unions can easily access the necessary TT&L data as well as the necessary documentation to ensure a title is perfected on time.”

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