3 NFL teams that must make trades by the deadline


As the NFL enters week six of the season, the trade deadline is fast approaching for teams.

As that deadline approaches, teams with no playoff hopes may be sellers in the market.

However, teams that want to make a playoff push are one player away from achieving that goal.

While the market has many NFL teams on both sides, only three teams stand out the most.

So who are these three teams, and are they buyers or sellers in the NFL trading market?

3. Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears are doing a little better than some people expected at the start of the season.

However, with contract disputes, the Bears are clear sellers in the NFL trade market.

Roquan Smith, the team’s top linebacker, has seen his contract talks halted.

While the young star doesn’t think much about the final year of his contract, the Bears could.

With Smith being a high-value defensive player, the Bears can get a good return on a trade.

But Smith isn’t the only defensive player the Bears could trade.

Robert Quinn, who is a big hit for the salary cap, could be another Chicago player before the deadline.

With his stellar 2021 season, the Bears have plenty to work with in trade negotiations for the defensive lineman.

2. Las Vegas Adventurers

The Las Vegas Raiders entered 2022 with high hopes, as they have a solid running back in Josh Jacobs and a great receiver in Davante Adams.

However, the 2022 season is a total disaster for the franchise.

They are 1-4 and have made too many costly mistakes to salvage their season.

With the Raiders failing to extend Jacobs’ contract, they can be sellers of him before the deadline.

He’s a solid running back who fights for every yard and every touchdown he’s had this season.

While the Raiders’ playoff hopes are gone, they can build for 2023 by making a trade with Jacobs.

Unless they decide to extend his contract, they should trade their star running back while he’s valuable this season.

1. Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers are 3-2 this season but clearly need more help to qualify for the playoffs.

While that record is normally enough to lead the NFC North, they trail the Minnesota Vikings 4-1.

However, getting key players before the trade deadline can help them secure the NFC North.

Their problems in games stem from a lack of explosive attack in the second half of games.

In three games where the Packers held a halftime lead, their offense scored just three runs.

While they have escaped with wins in two of those games, they need consistency in the second half.

Dropped passes are a huge problem for the Packers, which means they need to look for a receiver for Aaron Rodgers.

Making a trade for Denzel Mims, who is young and can catch high passes, could help Rodgers.

With Rodgers wanting another Super Bowl ring, look for the Packers to make a trade to help their 2022 chances.


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